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Ohio Industrial Hemp

“Support to our combat disabled veterans through agricultural membership services will create meaningful career path engagement”

The Lake County Metro-parks in Ohio recently donated their Celli Rotary Spader field tillage tool to S2S. This tillage tool will need welding of rebuilt shovels. Once completed Spader will support Industrial Hemp apprenticeship crop production research in 2020. This tool is essential towards improving compacted heavy clay soils here. Field drainage is essential to successful growing of industrial CBD hemp row crops. We  encourage veterans seeking apprenticeships in farming to contact us for for new careers growing hemp.

Apprenticeship Farming Trades

 Kentucky Veterans blazed a path for Ohio Veterans, from their re-introducing legal farming of Industrial Hemp. From this Division we will principally focus on crop trials towards re-introducing industrial hemp back into NE Ohio after a seventy year absence. We welcome university academics to support our field crop trials, as it's is essential we determine successful cropping methods.  Trials of CBD hemp varieties might determine which grow better along our lake shore climate zone. Processing will be needed to support hemp farmers as a new cash crop in NE Ohio. These field trials are planning for 2020. Below are some markets available to growers, and why hemp may offer veteran farmers brighter careers in agricultural farming.

Working with nature's seasonal rhythms offers great satisfaction. The daily nurturing of plants can be profoundly gratifing in agricultural crop farming. Their are personal joys found in growing something well, and this may provide therapeutic healing while earning a living. Harvesting of plant crops may also provide less emotional detachment stress, than harvesting of farm livestock. Many available and emerging advanced technologies can now provide labor saving to farming field crops as adaptive tools. Successful beginning farmers will also value the support we have for co-operative development. We will encourage this to follow S2S career trades training apprenticeships. Having common ground with fellow veterans, networking of services and shared knowledge among veterans will support greater levels of personal achievement.

Industrial hemp apprenticeship may begin as CBD crop farmers, while others may choose to engage production crop processing.  USDA FSA approved 15 acres of hemp production trials in 2020 to our membership hemp division trades training. Industrial Hemp apprenticeships will support new farmer veterans families within our rural communities. This new and legal agricultural cash crop will provide promise to Ohio veterans families as their trades skills are developing by offering higher living wage earning farming careers.
Processing of hemp crops in Ohio is absent, so developing this infrastructure is critically important to our Division planning. We have made membership alliances with the Ohio Farm Bureau, and BioOhio organizations. We encourage your sponsorship support towards helping our veterans endeavor to learn these agricultural trades. As they succeed in this, we will enable a new next generation of veteran farmers, who will pilot advanced technology tools and equipment such as AgBot. Having these tech tools will better provide a quality of life, a less stressful farming life, and a higher standard earning a living. New growers of industrial hemp will have this new legal field cash crop to add to their crop rotations. Why would veterans seek farming as their occupation?
Combat service veterans who are suffering from unseen disabilities may not express their needs openly. Many of these veterans are seeking alternative trades careers that offer less intensely demanding occupations. Farming has always been a traditional trade that provides natural timetables to work by. Veterans seeking work training engagement outdoors will find emotional healing from each seasonal success.
Access to adaptive farming equipment can now much better support those individuals who were in the past just too physically challenged for this kind of apprenticeship engagement. S2S membership services will provide divisional fundraising to justly honor these combat disabled veterans, so they may fully engage this apprenticeship opportunity. S2S will prioritize program training adaptive equipment, so combat disabled veterans may also apprentice in farming of industrial hemp cash crops too.
This tillage spader tool was partially supported through a USDA  Sustainable Agriculture Research Education grant award in 1992. Farmpark is located in Kirtland Ohio, they maintained this tool as (SARE) demo public research too and it will now continue on towards supporting (SARE) research in 2020. This will also be supported through documented workforce apprenticeship training.
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Know the Benefits

This Division of hemp cash crops in Ohio may provide similar hemp farming growth as was experienced in Kentucky. S2S apprenticeship train veterans towards greater family farming success. We will be supporting co-operative business organization development from apprenticeship that provides an ownership shareholder network with voting rights. We favor this type of planning to support next farming careers. We support those goals to create new hemp product processing development.
  2017 Processor Grower Reports From Kentucky Trial Study:

        • $7.5 Million Paid to Kentucky Growers
        • $25.6 Million Capital Investments Made
        • 81 Full-Time Jobs Created
        • $16.7 Million Gross Product Sales

Harvest-able Components as a Percentage of the Annual Crops

*Based on planting reports.
*Varies slightly from end-of-year Production Reports.
**For more facts and information gained during this study please click here

Auxiliary Member Sponsors

Becoming an Auxiliary member is free to the public. Sponsorship of tax exempt donations are what helps underwrite these apprenticeship training programs for our veterans. This we fell will support community prosperity. Auxiliary memberships can better involve our communities to organize from grass roots. This division Mission offers opportunities to fund our farming apprenticeship training programs. For those veterans seeking rural living membership support can be whatever financial means on can manage. In return we will make available to all our members our media broadcasting channel which once fully funded will include live feed links of farmer apprenticeship in the field, guest member podcasts, and membership online store.  We wish to thank all of our dedicated sponsors who have supported our Mission Divisions with their tax exempt donations.  Sponsorship of this non profit will allow good things to happen!
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