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CNC Advanced Tech Shop

Apprenticeships directly working with Wood & Thin Stone fabrication will...

Structuring advanced technologies within a training curriculum, veterans will push the boundaries. They will be working with natural raw materials. These will present new possibilities to support architects, creative designers, and entrepreneurs.

S2S will advance the use of Next Generation trade show technologies, through your sponsorship of this tax exempt charitable non profit.  

Careers in new manufacturing from engineered prototypes, developing from fabricating natural thin stone veneers with native hardwoods. Custom mill-work utilizing  these natural materials supports several markets including but not limited to:
• Hospitality
• Retail
• Restaurants
• Aerospace
• Yachts
• Educational STEM
• Cabinetry

Career Training for our Combat Veterans will...

• Teach veterans how to run a shop from the basics to full CAD drawings and running CNC machines.
• Teach all aspects of mill-work, a new skilled trade of thin stone veneer fabrication, and daily operations of a shop.
• Continued education towards business management to become supervisors.
• Provide levels of skilled training to help veterans transition into the workforce where they may earn a respectful wage and encourage entrepreneurship.
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Sgt. Major Chad Williams will lead this division, by training that next generation in Advanced Technologies. Multi-material fabrication rain or shine, this training will enable veterans as skilled trades workers from his family business, located in downtown Wadsworth Ohio.
Sponsorship funding will help our veteran's dreams turn into reality.  Without the generosity of our sponsors we wouldn't be where we are today.  Funding for materials, tools and machinery will be necessary. Your membership will help support these veteran apprentices and their families. Real attainable steps, each day closer to reaching their goals. 
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